My Story

Jeff, The Fashionable Entrepreneur, has been involved in internet marketing since 2013. He went to a great small university and got a degree in finance. Upon graduation, he spent almost a year in banking, but disliked it. He was stressed out constantly and had no energy to do anything. He made a big change in his life. He moved to a new town. He remembered he was happy working in a retail store so he started as a department manager for a designer discount store. This proved to be disastrous. He was alright at his job, but it was very physically demanding.

After a few months, he suffered a back injury. While recovering Jeff realized he needed to make more changes in his life because he could no longer work a job where he was on his feet all day. First he tried going back to school. He tried design school, and then tried for his MBA. Neither of these worked out. He jokingly refers to himself as a grad school dropout! Next he tried working temporary administrative jobs. He liked what he was doing. The problem was even those jobs were hard for him due to his health. He needed to find a way to make money from home, so he could have the freedom to rest when he needed to and work when he could.

It was around this time that Jeff discovered internet marketing. He went through a couple companies, failed a few times, and got scammed a few times. After about two years of company hopping, Jeff found his home. with a fashion house that sells its products through network marketing. After watching the first videos Jeff fell in love with the company and has been with that company ever since.

Basically, he is paid to wear some amazing designer pieces and to teach others how to do the same thing! Jeff loves it because he is helping people look good and make some life-changing income in the process.