4 Essential Items Needed To Work From Home

4 essential items needed to work from home.

Recently, so many people need to work from home in order to maintain social distancing. It is very different from working in your office. Although you can work in your pajamas or whatever you want, studies have shown that showering and dressing before you start work actually make you more productive. Here are 4 essential items needed to work from home.

A Hoodie

One of the most essential pieces to have when working from home this spring is a nice hoodie. I like the brand Champion. Champion offers reasonably priced comfortable hoodies and other gear conducive to working from home.


Another necessity to work from home is a comfortable pair of sweat pants. Champion offers many great options that coordinate with their hoodies and other gear.


If you’re like me you get cold easily. That’s why I’ve included this luxurious blanket so you can work from home in comfort.


Lastly, you’ll need a comfortable pair of slippers to walk around the house without slipping.

Hopefully this list of 4 essential items needed to work from home. will provide you with ideas to make working from home as comfortable and productive as possible.

4 thoughts on “4 Essential Items Needed To Work From Home

  1. Jeff – very timely post. These are great ideas to help those working from home to be more comfortable. I find still going through my normal morning routine (meditation, working out, showering, etc) really makes me most productive. Like you, I get cold easily too – so always have a throw blanket near by to stay cozy. Thanks for these great tips Jeff. 🙂

    1. Thanks. It’s good to keep a routine, even if it’s not your exact workday routine. Plus if you shower and dress if you get the urge to go for a walk outside you don’t have to hunt for a hat to cover up bedhead hair!

  2. OMG. I LOVE this post. There are so many posts out there (especially now) talking about the necessities for building a home based business, but none of them talk about the comforts like you do. This is AWESOME. Thanks so much for covering these, and for the recommendations!

    1. Thank you I appreciate it. One of the benefits of working from is you can have more creature comforts than in an office.

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