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4 Trends To Try For Spring 2020

4 trends to try for spring 2020

Spring 2020 marks the first men’s season of the 20s. Here are 4 trends to try for Spring 2020.

The archetypes of Spring 2020, the first menswear season of a new decade—and possibly a new era in men’s fashion—are no longer bankers or lawyers. They are romantics and lovers; they are sustainable sensualists; they are deeply elegant with escapist tendencies. They are louche and languid and lovely—and yes, they actually exist.


Soft Suiting in Sorbet Colors

Spring 2020 suiting is more forgiving than in the past. It is looser and has more flow and drape to it. This season, look for looser silhouettes in suiting. Another thing is the color. Black, navy, and pinstripe suits look drab in comparison to this season’s more pastel hues like cerulean, lemon, and lilac.

Tunics and Longline Tops

This season a new term for an older type of garment was adapted, midlayer garment. Look for longline shirts and tunic tops. Again the image is relaxed and flowy. Seen at Loewe, Fendi, and Raf Simons, these thigh-skimming shirts, knits, and caftans break down the traditional silhouettes of menswear

Acid Wash and Paint Splatters

Shown by Sterling Ruby at S.R. Studio. L.A. C.A., Matthew Williams at Alyx, and Kris Van Assche at Berluti, Acid wash and paint-splattered garments offer a sleeker more grown-up look than tie-dye patterns that have been popular in recent seasons.


This Spring, it’s all about the seaside. Cropped shorts, boxy sailor tops, nautical stripes, and a palette of Aegean blue ran through Prada, Lanvin, and Kenzo, among others. Also, look for sandals and other resort and beach-inspired wear

In general Spring 2020 is a different season for men. With it, begins a redefinition of masculinity and what men’s fashion is. All in all the trends seem very wearable and comfortable for most men. I hope you try out one of the 4 trends to try for Spring 2020.

5 thoughts on “4 Trends To Try For Spring 2020

  1. Great post! I’m not up on all of the latest fashion trends so it’s great to have a site like this that I can refer to. It’s also great to know that acid wash is still fashionable. Thanks for this article!

    1. Yeah one thing about fashion is it recycles, meaning trends from years ago come back, but just different enough so you can’t wear 20 year old jeans without it being obvious!

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