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What Is A Hypebeast? Are You One?


Lately, a new term has been coined. Hypebeast. What is a hypebeast and how do you know if you’re a hypebeast? Fair warning, the definition may sound a bit derogatory, but a true hypebeast doesn’t care. He or she knows he’s all that.

Here is the definition:

  1. A hypebeast is a person who follows any trend just to be cool or in vogue.
  2. A hypebeast also saves clothes, shoes, or accessories just to impress other people.

Hypebeasts will wear anything as long as it’s trendy and has a cool brand name or designer name attached to it. They often spend much more than they can afford on their wardrobes and often have more shoes and clothes than one person needs. Hypebeasts tend to be flashy attention seekers who flex on other people with their wardrobe. Usually, hypebeasts call their wardrobe a collection and take very good care of their things. In fact, many buy things just to resell them later to other hypebeasts and can make quite a living by doing so. If they know the streetwear market.

Some brands hypebeasts prefer:

  1. Supreme
  2. Bape (A Bathing Ape)
  3. Kith
  4. Louis Vuitton
  5. Gucci
  6. Nike
  7. Addidas

Much of what makes an item of clothing or a sneaker appealing to a hypebeast is that they are hard to come by. Most items they covet are made in limited quantities and hyped up so much they sell out the first day they are dropped. There’s a solution though. A site called serves as a marketplace for people to buy and sell brand new, or deadstock merchandise. It is checked to guarantee it is unworn and deadstock.

Chances are you’re a hypebeast if you’re heavily into streetwear or sneakers, but it depends. It’s not just being interested in streetwear it’s more about being flashy and following trends no matter what. Again a true hypebeast will take his or her title in stride because he knows he’s all that!

One thought on “What Is A Hypebeast? Are You One?

  1. Wow… thanks for this distinction. I know some of these! Love this post! I never knew there was a thing called a hypebeast, but now that I know, some folks definitely come to mind. 🙂

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