Image As An Influencer

image as an influencer

Being that it’s 2020, I’d like to think that appearance doesn’t matter so much. For better or worse, it does matter just as much as it always has, if not more. Do you know that people will form all kinds of opinions about you just within the first thirty seconds of meeting you just based on what you wear and how you choose to present yourself? If you want to be an influencer you want people to form positive opinions about you and any product you choose to promote. Here are some guidelines to help influencers influence other people’s opinions positively.


First, your style should reflect the type of influencer you are. This means that if you want to be an influencer in the camping niche, you need to dress the part. Maybe you will wear jeans and flannels and hiking boots. You certainly wouldn’t wear a suit and tie regularly. If you’re a man, you might grow a beard and style your hair without a lot of product. If you’re a woman, you probably wouldn’t wear bright red lipstick and too much makeup. You’d go for a natural look. If you are a man in the fashion niche, you most likely would choose a sub-niche, like streetwear, dapper, or somewhere in between. You’d make sure to always look put together and follow trends.  You’d also maybe pick one thing that helps you stand out from other influencers.


Second, your style should help reinforce your credibility. Elements of fashion or style can often subconsciously influence your audience to like you. They may not know it, but if they like the type of clothes you wear and how you present yourself, they most likely will like you. You also want to dress like an authority in your niche. To illustrate this, would you trust someone who says they are a world-renowned doctor if he had a lot of piercings and tattoos? We’d like to think that people would, and people will even say they would, but deep down a doctor with a lot of piercings and tattoos might not seem as credible as a doctor without piercings and tattoos. This holds true even if their credentials are exactly the same.


Third, your style should reflect the type of products and brands you work with. This is very important if you want to become an influencer to make money by developing partnerships with brands. In a way this means dress to impress possible brands. It also means to dress in a way that goes with the image or perceived image of their brand. For example, if you were a brand partner with Mont Blanc, you probably wouldn’t dress like a hypebeast. Well maybe if Mont Blanc was looking to target the streetwear market.


In conclusion, even in 2020, appearance plays a big role in the opinions that others form of you. Make sure your style is in line with the niche where you want to become an influencer. Make sure your style enhances your credibility. Dress in a way that reflects the products and brands you work with. Following these guidelines will help you influence other people’s opinions positively.

2 thoughts on “Image As An Influencer

  1. Thanks Jeff for offering these tips on during image as an influence. As much as we don’t like to admit, we all usually form an opinion about someone by how they dress and present themselves. Of course, I have learned that I could be totally wrong in my formation of my opinion about them until I actually get to know them. But I do believe in dressing to impress is a good thing and be your true authentic self. Keep up the good work. 🙂

    1. Thanks. Yep it’s good to be aware of how important what you choose to wear is. It all depends what kind of message you want to send.

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