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4 Websites And Apps For Fashion Bargains

Walking through the mall or looking online it seems there is an unlimited amount of things to buy. Unfortunately, most of us, myself included, don’t have unlimited money just yet. I’m working on it though. For now, here are 4 websites and apps for fashion bargains.


This one seems like a no-brainer but a lot of people may not know about the new features they have to make buying clothes and shoes easier. One is Amazon Fashion, included with Prime membership. With this, you can choose a couple of items and have them delivered to you. You then have a week to try them on. If you want to return something you can send it back for free. You only pay for the items you choose to keep at the end of the week. Another is Amazon’s branded merchandise. I’ve ordered a couple items and found the quality to be worth it for the price. The only drawback with Amazon is you have to check each item’s description for sizing. Some items use Asian sizes, which are considerably smaller!



Shoptagr is an app that lets you add items to a list. The revolutionary thing about this app is it emails you when items in your list go on sale. You can also use it to be alerted about restocked items. You put in your size and the app will email you when the item is available in your size. To get Shoptagr, you download it in the app store, or you can sign up on the website. If you’re using it on your computer, you can add an extension to Chrome to save items as you browse.  The only drawback is it doesn’t work with every store. By the way, I am not affiliated with Shoptagr, I just use it myself and love it.



Besides Amazon, Asos is one of my favorite online stores. Well, the site is really more of an online mall. The site offers a whole range of clothing and accessories from affordable to luxury from every brand imaginable. Another benefit of using Asos. I’ve ordered a couple things from Asos and was happy with my purchases and the quality of the products for what I paid. This is another site that I’m not affiliated with. I just really like their merch.



Lastly, another good site, and a brick and mortar store, to score some fashion bargains is Forever21. I’ve bought things from them in the mall and online. I like their products in regards to style and price, but the quality of some items could be better. I’ve never had issues it’s just the tradeoff between price and quality. I like Forever21 because they have sales often and have clothes that are very stylish for less money than other brands. FYI, I’m not affiliated with Forever21 either.

There you go, my 4 favorite websites and apps for fashion bargains. If you made it this far, can you do me a favor? Comment your favorite brand or website where you get your clothes from. I’m always looking to try out new stores.

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