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4 Shirts Every Guy Needs For Back To School

shirts every guy needs for back to school

Next in my back to school posts are shirts. When you go to the mall it can get overwhelming choosing what to wear. That’s why I’m breaking down 4 shirts every guy needs for back to school.


First on the shopping list are t-shirts. They can be worn in the hottest weather at the beginning of the year and even in colder weather as a base layer in your outfit. In general if you a younger guy, you can get away with shirts with graphics and logos on them. For high school and college kids, go with T-shirts in solid colors. Also, pay attention to the fit. The sleeves should be as tight on your arms as possible. The chest should also be fitted, but not so much that the fabric puckers. If you want a trendy look, pick up a long line t-shirt. It’s basically just a longer t-shirt but fitted on the chest and arms.

Here are a few t-shirt styles to check out.

Polo Shirts

Another shirt that is a great shirt to wear in warmer weather is a short sleeve polo shirt. These are the collared shirts with three buttons, which do not have to be made by Ralph Lauren. With a polo shirt, you can dress up a pair of shorts or jeans worn with gym shoes. You can also go for a smart look by wearing a polo with a pair of chino pants and dressier shoes.

Here are a few polo shirts to check out.

Flannel Shirts

When the weather gets colder you’ll need some long sleeve shirts. I recommend flannel or plaid shirts if flannel is too warm for you to wear in your area. These shirts add sophistication to your outfit when you layer them over a t-shirt. Make sure they are fitted and not too long. They look great with both jeans and chinos.

Here are some flannel shirts to checkĀ out.


Finally, if you live in a cold climate you’ll want a warm sweater. This will keep you warm in those cold classrooms. Sweaters look great when paired with jeans or chinos. In regards to fit, you can size up if you plan on layering a sweater over a flannel shirt.

Here are some nice sweaters to check out.

There you have it the 4 shirts every guy needs for back to school.




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