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4 Pants Guys Need For Back To School

pants guys need for back to school

Well every kid from the age of 6 knows what’s coming. That’s right boys it’s almost time to go back to school. Don’t worry though the Fashionable Entrepreneur has your pack with 4 pants guys need for back to school, from least casual to most formal.

Chino Shorts

When it’s still hot out in early September you need a couple pairs of shorts to make the day bearable. You still want to look good, so baggy basketball shorts are out. Instead go for a couple pairs of chino shorts. Fit is important with these shorts, so make sure they aren’t too baggy and end above the knee. For color, you can go with safe colors like khaki, navy, or black, but why not spice it up a little bit. Try a bright blue, mauve, or a unique pattern.

Here are a few examples of chino shorts from Nautica to check out.


Blue Jeans

Another staple for back to school is a pair of blue jeans. Pick out a pair of blue jeans that aren’t memorable. This means they don’t have a lot of distressing and are in either a dark or light wash. This way you can wear them almost every day and no one will know. Right now skinny, slim, and classic fits are on trend. Stay away from baggy styles and bootcut.

Here are a few examples of blue jeans from my favorite designer, Calvin Klein


Black Jeans

Pick up a pair of black jeans to be a little more dressed up. Again go with a skinny, slim, or classic fit pair that isn’t too baggy. As far as wash, go with a dark black wash without fading or distressing. This will allow to wear the same pair of jeans often without anyone noticing.

Here are a few examples of black jeans from Calvin Klein


Chino Pants

On those days when you have a presentation or somewhere fancy to be, a pair of chino pants and a dress shirt work well for most students. With chino pants go for pants that are flat front, slim, and hit just the top of your shoe. You can get them hemmed if they are too long. You can go with traditional colors like khaki, black, or navy, but why not spice up your look with a different color like green or blue.

Here are few examples of chino pants from Calvin Klein


There you go guys, here are the 4 pants guys need for back to school in order of formality. Pick up about two of each style and you should be all set.


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