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Father’s Day Gift Ideas Under $50

fathers day gift ideas under 50

Father’s Day is fast approaching. Of course, you need to show your dad some love, but you might not be sure what to get. Not to worry, the Fashionable Entrepreneur is here to help.  Here are some Father’s Day gift ideas under $50.


One thing men tend to use until it completely wears out is their wallet. In the end, it can start to look pretty sad. Here is a great wallet Dad will love! It has space for two ID cards and RFID blocking technology.

Key Chain

Another item that most fathers could use is a nice keychain. Check this one out with detachable key rings so it’s safer to hand over the car key to the valet.


Men tend to buy one or two belts and keep them for 20 years or more. Isn’t it time your father got  a new one?  I recommend Anson Belts. These belts are a ratchet system with no holes so a guy can get a better fit. They come in a size that fits a 50-inch waist, but you can cut the extra.

I hope these ideas help you out in choosing a gift for Dad this Father’s Day. In the comments let me know what you ended up getting him. I’m always curious about things like that.


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