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Spring And Summer 2018 Trend: Guys Are Wearing Floral Prints

You may have noticed something over the last few seasons if you’ve been paying attention to what the fashionable guys are wearing. It appears that something that in the past has been taboo has crept its way into menswear. Guys are wearing floral prints! Mind you, guys have been wearing Hawaiian shirts for a long time, but this goes beyond that. Here is a little guide to help you wear floral prints like a man.

First, go with floral on a dark background. If you have a floral print on either a black or navy background, it looks a little more masculine. Also, you guys don’t have to wear a large piece with a floral pattern. You can wear a hat or sandals with the pattern on it.

Second, choose monochromatic designs. You can find many things that have a solid background color and have the floral part in black white or another solid color, instead of detailed full-color floral designs.

Third, pair a floral print with edgier pieces. You can rock floral with a bomber jacket or dark jeans with holes in the knees. This adds an edge to the look.

Here are some floral pieces I recommend for guys to check out:

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