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4 Things You Should Never Leave The House Without

When you’re a fashionable entrepreneur, people expect more of you. You have responsibilities to yourself, your clients and business partners, and your friends. You become the go-to person that people naturally seek out for help and advice. To help you in this role, here are 4 things you should never leave the house without.

Cash in a nice wallet

These days, it seems like no one carries cash anymore. Everyone uses cards, but cash is king. It’s good to have cash on you especially an extra $20 tucked away on your person. This will be a lifesaver if you ever lose your wallet and need to take a cab or bus. You also need a nice wallet. As a man, you need a different wallet than you used as a kid. You need a nice leather wallet that shows you mean business. I recommend a leather wallet in black or brown without a lot of decoration.


A bag

One thing I hate is having a ton of things in my pocket. To remedy this, I carry a messenger bag. In it, I have my tablet, phone, and any other things I might need for the day. This bag can be leather or some other material. It’s also a good idea to find one designed for laptops in case you want to take your laptop to Starbucks.


Hand Sanitizer

These days you can never be too careful not only in regards to your own health but in regards to the health of other people too. I always carry a pocket-sized bottle of hand sanitizer with me. You never know when you might want to eat something on the go and can’t get to a bathroom to wash your hands.


An Umbrella

It seems like the weather can change in an instant, especially where I am from. Sometimes on an otherwise clear day, it pours out of nowhere. A man is above such things as getting wet. You should carry an umbrella with you in your bag every day even if you think you don’t need it. Not only can you use it to keep yourself from looking like a drowned rat, but you can share it with a lady friend and come off as the perfect gentleman.


Hopefully, these 4 things you should never leave the house without gave you some ideas for things that you should have with you on the daily. What is one thing that you think I should have included on this list? Leave your answer in the comments. I’d love to see what I might have missed.


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