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The Fashionable Entrepreneur’s Guide To Wearing Athleisure Right

For a couple years now, athleisure has been a big trend in guys fashion. Even though it has been around for a while, guys are still getting it wrong. Here is the Fashionable Entrepreneur’s guide to wearing athleisure right.

First, the most important part of athleisure is the fit has to be spot on. It isn’t as easy as throwing on a pair of sweatpants and a baggy t-shirt and running out the door. Oh no, pieces have to fit well. In regards to pants look for track pants and joggers that are tapered. Basically, you want almost the same silhouette¬†as a pair of slim fit jeans. In regards to a shirt, it should be fitted but not tight. You can wear a long line t-shirt here and it will look good.

Second, get the fabrics right. The key to athleisure is wearing the techno sweat absorbing fabric. This is usually found in the mid to high priced items. If you’re going for a really casual look cotton is ok, but try to do better.

Third, your outfit has to flow. If you’re wearing a logo, wear pieces with the same logo if you can. Wearing logos for all different brands makes you look like a confused billboard. Make sure colors go well together too. This is a time you can get away with wearing graphic t-shirts, just don’t go too crazy or you will look like a child.

Finally, wear the right shoes. Make sure your shoes are clean and stylish. They don’t have to be the flashiest sneakers but make sure they go with the general vibe of your outfit. While you’re at it, wear no-show¬†socks. It’s ok if a little skin shows between your pants and shoes. Girls think that’s kind of sexy, I’ve heard.


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