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Should Men Wear Fur Coats?

should men wear fur coats

Lately, men have been embracing wearing clothing traditionally worn for women. One of these items is fur. It was always common for women to wear either real fur or faux fur coats. Fur has even trimmed or lined countless men’s coats over the years too. Now a new question comes up. Should men wear fur coats?

Well historically men did wear fur, but it was more for warmth than style. There is something interesting worth noting though when commercials for furriers used to be run more often on television, there was always at least one shot of a man wearing a fur coat. Personally, I think if a man wants to wear a fur coat he should. I like fur and think a fur coat looks good on either a man or a woman. There are great options in both genuine fur and faux fur. It also has become more socially acceptable for men to wear fur these days; however, it is less socially acceptable for either a man or a woman to wear real fur. I think if a man is going to wear fur he should either wear a jacket that ends at his waist or an overcoat that ends mid-calf at the longest. Full-length fur coats look a little odd on a man.

What do you think guys? Would you wear a fur coat? If so, would it be real or faux fur?



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