Always Dress your Best: Appearance Often Influences how Others Treat you

appearance often influences the way others treat you.

One of the basic rules I subscribe to is to always dress my best. I take it a step further though. I always dress as if I might meet my future spouse that day. Because of that I always look good. My hair is always done, and I am well dressed for the occasion. I rarely wear athleisure looks and some say I am usually overdressed. That’s ok though because that’s me. The reason I always dress my best is that I’ve learned appearance often influences the way others treat you. I can best show you this through a true story that happened to a friend of mine.


I have a friend who is actually quite wealthy, but he always dresses casually. He looks young too so he is often mistaken for a high school or college student. Last year he went into a nice jewelry¬†store. He planned on buying a few pieces for his mom and his girlfriend. The day he went into the store it was filled with customers so the associates were busy. He looked through the cases and found some things he wanted to take a closer look at. He let the clerk know he needed some help. She told him it would be a minute, so he waited. After about 45 minutes, he still wasn’t helped. In fact, customers who came in after him were being helped before he was. He ended up walking out and not purchasing anything even though he planned on purchasing a couple thousand dollars worth of jewelry.

The Lesson

My friend was upset that he wasn’t helped and actually discriminated against. I understood and I would be too. Stores really need to help¬†people in the order they ask for help because they never know how much a person is willing or able to buy based on appearance alone. It was also his fault though. He went into a high-end jewelry store looking like a broke college student. Of course, the store personnel isn’t going to see him as a serious customer. He forgot that appearance often influences how others treat you. Even though he had the ability to buy some jewelry that day, he didn’t look like he did, so the sales clerks didn’t take the time to help him. If he had dressed a little better he wouldn’t have had this problem and one lucky store clerk would have gotten a nice commission.

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