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The Essential Fall and Winter Coat

Essential Fall and Winter Coat

Fall and winter are my favorite seasons in regards to fashion. I really love being able to wear sweaters and layers. As the weather grows colder it’s time to put away your summer things and prepare for fall and winter. One of the items you will need if you live where it gets cold is the essential fall and winter coat.

Fall Jackets and Coats

First, you will need a coat to get you through the transition from fall to summer. For most guys, a jean jacket, hooded sweatshirt or lightweight bomber will do the trick. for casual looks.

Here are some casual fall jackets you might like:

Second, you will need a dressier coat or jacket if you work in a professional environment. To keep it simple I’d get one that could be worn in both the winter or the fall. With this coat, stick to a classic style that you can wear for years and invest in quality.

Here are some professional fall jackets to browse:

Winter Coats

Finally, you will need a jacket to wear on those very cold days. Personally, I wear a hooded down ski coat for most of the winter. If you choose a darker color this type of jacket can work in a professional and casual look.

Here are some winter coats to consider:

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