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The Essential Sweater

the mens essential sweater

It gets cold in the fall and winter for most of the United States. There are many items that can keep you warm, but none are as versatile as a sweater. A sweater can be worn both dressy and casually, and as an outer or inner layer. Here is more information on the essential sweater.

Essential Sweater Fabric

First, sweaters can be made of natural or artificial fibers. A yarn is used and knitted either by machine or by hand to create a sweater. The best sweaters are made of merino wool, cashmere, and cotton but synthetic fibers like polyester are also used.

Essential Sweater Style

There are three main types of sweaters that are commonly worn. They are the crewneck, the v-neck, and the cardigan. Any of these styles can be worn either over a collared shirt or under a blazer. If you want to wear a sweater under a blazer choose a thinner one. If you want to wear a sweater as your outer layer you can choose a thicker one.


Crewneck sweaters are the most common type of sweater. As the name implies they have a crew neck. That is where the hole for the neck is an oval and the opening is close to the neck. These sweaters can be any color or have any pattern

Here are some nice crewnecks to check out:

A v-neck sweater is similar to a crew neck sweater except the neck forms a v when it is worn. These sweaters can also be any color or have any pattern. To dress up a v-neck sweater, wear it over a shirt and tie.

Here are some nice v-neck sweaters to browse:
Cardigan Sweater

A cardigan sweater is different than a v-neck or crew neck sweater. This sweater opens in front and has either buttons or a zipper. They either have a plain color or a shawl collar. Either one looks great, but one with a plain collar is a classic that can always be worn.

Here are some cardigan sweaters:

In conclusion, a sweater is a versatile item of clothing for the colder months. It can be worn over a shirt or under a blazer for warmth. It is definitely an item to add to your fall and winter wardrobe.

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