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The Fashionable Entrepreneur’s 4 Back to School Essentials

It’s fall for most of us, even if the weather tells us otherwise. That means it’s time to head back to school. It’s an exciting time for both students and parents. The new year offers the chance of a fresh start, especially if you are going to a new school. Here are the Fashionable Entrepreneur’s 4 back to school essentials.


Obviously the most important item for back to school is the backpack. You need one that is durable to last for at least the entire year and stylish enough to satisfy you. I recommend going with a leather bag. A leather bag initially costs more but it is far more durable. If you buy a leather backpack your freshman year of high school, it could potentially last you through college. The key is to buy a simple bag that won’t go out of style.

Here are some leather backpacks to consider:

Slim or Skinny Chinos

Granted denim is the staple fabric for pants in high school and college. I’d go for chinos to elevate your look. To me chinos are much more comfortable than jeans anyway.

Here are some chinos to consider:

Dark Denim

Another back to school essential is some dark denim. These will become your go to pants for everyday wear. Make sure they fit you well and if they are too long get them hemmed or cuff them. You don’t want to be walking on the bottom of your jeans. I’d recommend slim fit jeans in dark blue and black without distressing.

Here are a few pairs of jeans to consider:


Bomber Jacket

Right now, bomber jackets are on trend. This is a classic piece though that can last for many seasons. I recommend getting one in black or brown leather, so it will last for a long time. In the colder areas, add a hoodie under the jacket for warmth.

Here are some bomber jackets to consider:



T-shirts are a staple school wear item for any age. You can go super casual with a t-shirt and dark pair of jeans, or dress them up a bit with chinos. I’d recommend staying away from logo tees if you’re in college, except for you college t-shirt.

Here are some t-shirts to consider:

There you have it the Fashionable Entrepreneur’s 4 back to school essentials. I hope it’s the start of a great year for you!


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