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When is the Last Time You Thought About your Shoelaces?

Have you thought about your shoelaces today? For most people, myself included, the answer is a resounding no, right? Well, while scrolling through Instagram, I found something really cool. I’m not receiving anything for writing this, so this is a recommendation from the heart. I found a really cool shoelace shop.

Luxe Brand is the name of the shop. Here is the website for Luxe Brand. It looks like a very new online shop too as most of their reviews are at most two months old; however, the “inspiring entrepreneur” Ryan Mason founded the company in 2015. What makes this shop unique is they sell luxurious leather shoelaces.  The laces are handmade out of Italian lambskin leather and feature gold and silver plated tips. They also offer an Eco-friendly collection. I haven’t ordered any yet, but the laces look amazing and stylish.

In my experience, shoelaces made of cotton look old and frayed after a few months. Since these shoelaces are made of leather, that shouldn’t happen. So I could see getting one or two sets of shoelaces and using them for years on many pairs of gym shoes. On their site, there are pictures of many pro athletes and rappers who use their shoelaces. If they meet a professional’s high standards for performance, they must last for the average consumer.

The company gives back to the community through its mission. The Luxe Brand works with Easter Seals of North Alabama to give disabled individuals equal opportunity employment. In fact, the disabled people manufacture and assemble the shoe laces.

My favorite pair are the “24K Gold” Laces.  Soon, I will definitely be placing an order to acquire these unique shoelaces for my kicks. Maybe these particular laces might be flashy to some, but I love my bling!

Featured Photo: Kristian Olsen

Here is my favorite style of laces:
















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