4 Of The Biggest Men’s Style Sins

Most guys make mistakes with fashion because they don’t know too much about it. Even though many rules of fashion don’t apply anymore there are still some that need to be followed unless you want to look like a dork. Don’t worry the Fashionable Entrepreneur is here to prevent that. I can’t cover every style sin, but here are 4 of the biggest men’s style sins.

Wearing Flip Flops With Jeans or Pants

There is a time and place to wear flip-flops if you’re an adult man. The time and place are basically only when you are near water. If you’re going to wear flip-flops wear them with shorts and make sure your feet are well-groomed.

Wearing Socks With Sandals

Socks are not meant to be paired with sandals. It just looks odd. If it’s not warm enough to wear sandals without socks you probably should go with a closed shoe.

Wearing Stripes with Plaid

This one is a little odd because it was on trend recently. The problem is it looked horrible. Even if all the colors matched it didn’t look right. I remember if you were making a clown costume you would wear stripes with plaids. That’s what it will always remind me of.

Wearing Clothes That are too Baggy

Styles change all the time. Awhile ago everything was baggy. These days styles are more fitted. Wearing clothes that are too baggy Will actually make you look bigger which is something most of us don’t want. They also hide all the hard work you’ve put in at the gym.

Finally guys commit a multitude of style sins without realizing it. I covered 4 of the biggest style sins I’ve seen recently. If you want to break into the fashion industry, click the link below to learn how to get paid to wear designer things.

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